How to choose the most durable electric grill

Many barbecue lovers dream about dishes cooked on the grill at home. Where a fire cannot be started, an electric appliance can be used to cook your favorite steaks and vegetables on the grill. Such a grill, like Weber, should not be very heavy, it should not create much smoke, cook any meal and be well cleaned.

Different types of electric grills

Electric grill

Depending on the type of construction and technical elements used, different types of kitchen electric grills are distinguished:

Stationary and portable – characterized by size and transportability, stationary models are most often more powerful and offer increased functionality. The capacity of the portable models has to be reduced in order to reduce weight and dimensions. Contact and non-contact. The former look like a press, where the product is placed on the bottom and the top part is pressed. Both parts are heated, which causes the cooking process. The second are equipped with an IR-emitter, in such a device has no lid, the product is prepared by the rays. Open type – devices with infrared radiation without a lid. Closed – contact models with a lid that covers the product, similar to cooking in the oven or oven, but on the surface of the product are characteristic strips. Universal – a combination of both designs, it expands the functionality. Aerogrill – a glass chamber, inside which the hot air flows are generated. Cooking is very fast and the dish turns out to be juicy and useful.

Characteristics of the electric grill

Electric grill

The electric grill is a compact household appliance, which is convenient to use instead of the kitchen stove, microwave and classic barbecue at home or in the countryside. It processes food at high temperature with the help of infrared heating. The appliance performs such functions as frying, stewing and baking.

The advantage of this grill is that it allows you to fry without oil and removes excess fat during cooking. The food is extremely tasty and at the same time more useful than when frying in a standard frying pan and stove.

You can easily get a barbecue at any time of the year without waiting for the summer season, or make delicious and juicy steaks. Which electric grill to choose for steaks, vegetables and other products depends on the type of appliance.

How to choose an electric grill

Choose an electric grill

In order to choose the model of electric grill for home use, you should be guided by some important points:

Place of use (apartment, balcony, cottage / country house, garden). Purpose of purchase (permanent cooking or for picnics). Availability of additional functionality (automatic shutdown, cooking programs, temperature sensors, delayed start, heating of food).

Important parameters:

The following nuances should be taken into account for convenient and durable operation of the appliance:

  • non-stick coating (to prevent food from sticking to surfaces and to facilitate the care of the product);
  • size and storage method (whether the grill is positioned vertically);
  • heat-insulating handles;
  • closed model or cover (necessary to prevent intense odors and smoke);
  • removable tray for fat collection.

Secondary parameters: Thermoisolating handles; closed model or cover (necessary to prevent intense odors and smoke); removable fat tray:

Some manufacturers build in functions that are not necessary for the appliance, and the buyer simply overpays money for them. When buying a model of the grill, you need to be able to distinguish these parameters from the really useful ones.

On what features of the electric grill can be saved:

  • delayed start;
  • product weight, pressure, temperature sensors;
  • self-cleaning function;
  • wire removal function.

Useful tips for choosing the electric grill

Once you have decided on the type of grill, pay immediate attention to the working surface of the appliance:

  • a cast iron grille (inexpensive, heavy, durable);
  • metal with non-stick coating (strong, better cleaned, durable);
  • vitrified clay (fragile, but very well washed).

If you are looking for a budget electric grill for home, today the cheapest options are made in plastic cases. The device with the stainless steel case is more expensive.

Grille parameters

The area of the room in which your electric grill will stand, you should also take into account. In addition, make sure that the kitchen has good ventilation. The size of the device should be calculated based on the number of portions of one dish. For a large family, double-sided grills with a working surface area of 500 square centimeters are recommended. Variability of dishes: choose the grill that meets your culinary needs. Today, manufacturers offer multifunctional grills, where you can cook two dishes at once.

The additional functions of the electric grill in your home are not necessary for everyone, but they all make cooking more pleasant and convenient. Among these functions, you may like it:

  • removable work surfaces;
  • removable fat tray,
  • delayed start,
  • timers and cooking indicators,
  • holders with thermal insulation.

It is desirable to choose the electric grill with temperature regulator. In the recipe of dishes made on the grill, indicate the recommended cooking temperature. Fire safety for electric appliance is the most important quality, so pay attention to the appliances equipped with automatic disconnection and protection against overheating.

Grills with non-stick coating of the working part allow not only to fry dishes, but also to steam food. The power of the electric grill is one of the main indicators, because the speed of cooking depends on it. Thus, for fast cooking of meat, the power should be at least 2000 W. The power of the electric grill usually varies from 700 to 2500 W.


Models with low power consumption are less powerful and cook for longer. Since the electric grill is a powerful electric appliance, it is not recommended to leave it unattended for a long time. The power indicator will help you not to forget the appliance is switched on. The grill needs to be cleaned and washed after each fry, so choose a device that does not cause any problems in this regard.

The tray should be removable first. Corrugated work surfaces are of course worse cleaned than flat ones. Don’t forget that closed-type models generate less smoke than open grills. If you have poor ventilation in your kitchen, it is better to buy a closed electric grill.

The adjustable design of the grill is just a find. Some models not only have adjustable feet, but also the connections between the lower and upper worktops. In this case, eggplants and apples will ‘swallow’ your whole grill without any problems. Auto-heating or keeping the grill at the right temperature is a useful feature if you like to receive guests.

And from “theory” to practice: we present our grill rating based on expert recommendations, manufacturer specifications, and user feedback.

How to choose the best grill for your home

What to pay attention to first of all is the design of the grill. There is a grill:

  • Open grill;
  • Closed;
  • Combination type.

An open grill allows you to cook food like on a grill. The surface for frying food is above the heating element. You can use this grill at home only under the exhaust ventilation. The closed grill consists of two working plates, one of which covers the other and creates a press. It is convenient to fry almost any food on such a grill. They are evenly cooked on both sides, and the necessary pressure allows you to heat the panini, lavash rolls and steaks. The combination grill, as it is easy to guess, combines the advantages of open and closed type. For example, on the open part you can present eggs and tomatoes, and on the closed part – sausages, chicken fillet, chops.

Electrogrills can also be contact and non-contact. On contact food comes into contact with the heating element, in non-contact – no. Contactless grills are made in the form of kebabs. The food in them rotates on spindles. Usually this is how a kebab or a whole chicken is cooked. Because of the principle of structure, such grills either have little or no roasting, but they are large in size, so they are rarely used at home.

The working surface of the grill can be smooth, grooved or combined. The material on the grill surface can be metal, vitrified clay and other heat resistant materials.

The body of the product can be made of plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel grills are better quality, but plastic is much cheaper.

Additional elements

Additional elements

The most common mistake when choosing a grill is that a person does not approach the choice of the kitchen device with due attention. The type of grill, the working surface, the body material – that’s not all. There are also additional elements without which it is impossible to imagine a good and functional grill.

An on/off sensor is a must-have element that shows you at which point the grill is sufficiently heated to put the product. Temperature regulator – this element allows you to set the temperature yourself.

This is necessary for those who want to make their cooking perfect. The absence of this element just simplifies the work: you turn on, cook and forget. The on/off button – allows you to keep the grill permanently plugged into the socket. Without this button the grill is switched on the moment you plug it into the socket. Removable tray – helps to cook healthy dishes without extra oil and grease.

Cooking without a pallet is much more difficult because some foods can be spilled over the edges of the grill. Adjusting the height of the legs and the lid is another indispensable element. Non-stick coating – without it, it is probably difficult to imagine devices for frying food. It is also necessary here, because it will allow cooking without oil. Overheating protection, which should automatically turn off the grill, is a necessary function for your own safety. The removable panel is very convenient for washing. Otherwise, you will need to gently wash the whole grill. But it should be noted that the grills with removable panels have high prices.