About the site

Peapack Gladstone Bloggers Society is a professional social network for building productive and long-term contracts between the most active representatives of and PR-specialists of different spheres.

Peapack Gladstone Bloggers Society provides users with a convenient multifunctional platform for business dating, communication, effective promotion of their blogs and brands, as well as the implementation of projects of various complexity.

Peapack Gladstone Bloggers Society is the most objective and constantly updated rating of bloggers, built on a multi-level evaluation system for all key indicators.

The monthly attendance of Peapack Gladstone Bloggers Society exceeds hundreds of thousands of unique visitors. Every day we review dozens of applications and add the most worthy and promising blogs to the site, ready for cooperation.

The audience is .

The audience of Peapack Gladstone Bloggers Society are users from different social and age groups. The uniqueness of the project functionality allows you to choose the right niche and audience of influence, realizing the interaction through direct contact between brand representatives and opinion leaders.

The portal participants can independently fill the service with necessary and relevant content – create PR-campaigns, exchange messages, publish instant news and participate in events.

Advertising opportunities

On Peapack Gladstone Bloggers Society service, several advertising formats are available at once to choose the most suitable method of communication for you: from a classic media banner of 280×380 pixels to special projects that include page branding.

Banners on the main

(1) Through banner in cap: 1180×90 px.

(2) Through banner in the content area: 1180×355 px on the home page and 880×260 px on the internal (with rotation).

Banners on the internal pages

(3) A through banner in the right column: 280×380 px for unauthorized users (with rotation).

(4) Through banner in live-tape: 280×100 px for authorized users (with rotation).


Home and interior pages, 2560 px in width are branded.