How It Works?

Step #1

Sign up or log in through the social network – you can directly communicate with bloggers and other agents.

Tell us about yourself and add an avatar (use a picture or your photo).

Download the brand logos you represent: your campaigns will be more recognizable.

Choose a business area to make it easier for bloggers to find you

Here we go! Profile is full

It’s time to create your first campaign.

Step #2

Add a new campaign

Attract the maximum number of bloggers to choose the best ones.

Enter the time and place of the event and the date until which you are looking for participants.

Describe your product. Tell us about the features that bloggers need to convey to their audience.

Add requirements to the result. For example, format and number of posts.


Now bloggers can find your campaign and send in a request for participation. Browse their pages to decide whose application to accept and whose to reject.