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Where am I?

You are at Peapack & Gladstone Bloggers Society, a social network for bloggers and PR specialists. Bloggers and PR professionals register with us to get to know, communicate and promote themselves or their brand.

Why would I do that if I was a blogger?

You can post information about your blog and become a member of an extensive database of bloggers, promote your blog using the tools offered, respond to PR campaigns, communicate with them, find partners and sponsors, and actively develop yourself!

Why would I do that if I had my own brand?

You can post information about your brand and get access to an extensive database of Russian-language bloggers with current and, most importantly, transparent statistics, use multi-level search on the database, post-PR-campaigns about upcoming events, invite new bloggers to cooperate, keep in touch with proven bloggers, communicate with colleagues and much, much more!

How often does the base update?

The database of bloggers is constantly updated, the number of registered bloggers is growing hourly. And blog statistics are updated every 24 hours.